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Validate numbers for United States

  "query": "12134635888",
  "status": "success",
  "numberType": "FIXED LINE OR MOBILE",
  "numberValid": true,
  "numberValidForRegion": true,
  "numberCountryCode": 1,
  "numberAreaCode": 213,
  "ext": null,
  "formatE164": "+12134635888",
  "formatNational": "(213) 463-5888",
  "formatInternational": "+1 213-463-5888",  
  "dialFromCountryCode": "US",
  "dialFromCountryNumber": "1 (213) 463-5888",
  "carrier": null,
  "continent": "North America",
  "continentCode": "NA",
  "country": "US",
  "countryName": "United States",
  "region": "CA",
  "regionName": "California",
  "city": "Los Angeles",
  "zip": "90099",
  "lat": 34.0536909,
  "lon": -118.242766,
  "timezone": "America/Los_Angeles",
  "offset": -28800,
  "currency": "USD"

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Frequently Asked Questions

How often do you update your databases?

We update our databases as soon as we have new information about a phone number, country, address or geo location. For each API request, you will always have the most accurate data, without having to worry about updating a local database or maintaining IT infrastructure.

Are you still going to be here next year? Can I use your API in production?

We have been running since 2018 with decades in experience of telecommunication knowledge and we are now providing one of the most popular and reliable Phone Number API.

Do I need an API key for the free endpoint?

No, you don't. We have a free API endpoint. We never require an API key or registration and the API schema will not change.

How many requests can I do?

Our endpoints are limited to 5 HTTP requests per minute from an IP address. If you go over this limit your requests will be throttled (HTTP 429) until your rate limit window is reset. If you need unlimited queries, please see our pro service.

What is the average response time of the API?

With dedicated servers in US, EU, South America, Africa and APAC, a network based on Anycast technology, and highly optimized software we achieve response times of under 45 milliseconds in most parts of the world.

Can I use your API on my commercial website?

We do not allow commercial use of the free endpoint. Please see our pro service for SSL access, unlimited queries, usage statistics and commercial support.