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Sunbeach is a mobile phone carrier based in Barbados, providing affordable and reliable cellular phone plans for both individuals and businesses. It operates on the 246 mobile network, enabling customers in Barbados to make and receive calls from people outside the island. Sunbeach also offers a variety of data plans, with options that include internet browsing, text messaging, picture messaging, and more. It also has a range of international calling plans, allowing customers to keep in touch with their family and friends abroad. Sunbeach is dedicated to providing excellent service to its customers, striving to make communication easier, more affordable, and more accessible.
	  "query": "12134635888",
	  "status": "success",
	  "numberType": "FIXED LINE OR MOBILE",
	  "numberValid": true,
	  "numberValidForRegion": true,
	  "numberCountryCode": 1,
	  "numberAreaCode": 213,
	  "ext": null,
	  "formatE164": "+12134635888",
	  "formatNational": "(213) 463-5888",
	  "formatInternational": "+1 213-463-5888",  
	  "dialFromCountryCode": "US",
	  "dialFromCountryNumber": "1 (213) 463-5888",
	  "carrier": null,
	  "continent": "North America",
	  "continentCode": "NA",
	  "country": "US",
	  "countryName": "United States",
	  "region": "CA",
	  "regionName": "California",
	  "city": "Los Angeles",
	  "zip": "90099",
	  "lat": 34.0536909,
	  "lon": -118.242766,
	  "timezone": "America/Los_Angeles",
	  "offset": -28800,
	  "currency": "USD"