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Trinidad and Tobago Cellular is a mobile network owned and operated by Telecommunications Services of Trinidad and Tobago (TSTT). It has the largest network coverage in Trinidad and Tobago, providing 3G and 4G services to its customers. The network is supported by over 1,100 towers located around the country, ensuring that customers get reliable service everywhere. As of 2021, Trinidad and Tobago Cellular has over 1.3 million active subscribers, with a full range of prepaid, postpaid, and digital services to meet their needs. The mobile phone number prefix 868 is used widely in Trinidad and Tobago, and it is an important connection that allows its people to stay connected with their loved ones, places of work, and more.
	  "query": "12134635888",
	  "status": "success",
	  "numberType": "FIXED LINE OR MOBILE",
	  "numberValid": true,
	  "numberValidForRegion": true,
	  "numberCountryCode": 1,
	  "numberAreaCode": 213,
	  "ext": null,
	  "formatE164": "+12134635888",
	  "formatNational": "(213) 463-5888",
	  "formatInternational": "+1 213-463-5888",  
	  "dialFromCountryCode": "US",
	  "dialFromCountryNumber": "1 (213) 463-5888",
	  "carrier": null,
	  "continent": "North America",
	  "continentCode": "NA",
	  "country": "US",
	  "countryName": "United States",
	  "region": "CA",
	  "regionName": "California",
	  "city": "Los Angeles",
	  "zip": "90099",
	  "lat": 34.0536909,
	  "lon": -118.242766,
	  "timezone": "America/Los_Angeles",
	  "offset": -28800,
	  "currency": "USD"